November 20, 2017

The IYLA Difference

Our philosophy + the 6 key elements of the IYLA sheet

In a time of mass production, misleading advertising and products that are no longer built to last, we at IYLA love that consumers are starting to demand more transparency from the companies they buy from. With the slow fashion movement shaking up the fashion world, we thought it was time to do the same for the bedding industry. For too long companies have gotten away with pricing their products based on labels and trends, without the quality to match. We’d rather price our products based on what they cost while providing superior quality that lasts the way things did in the “good old days”.

We also believe you deserve to know what you’re getting for your money, including where it came from. We believe in having fewer things that are better quality. We believe in luxury that doesn’t come at a cost (to your pocket or the world). So, we found a mill who would provide us with all of those things and more. Between us we crafted a sheet that would bring you comfort, luxury, and peace of mind.

The 6 Elements Of The IYLA Sheet

1. 100% Long Staple Egyptian Cotton

The hand-picked, longer cotton fibres that are only found in Egyptian Cotton can be spun into stronger, finer yarns and produce extremely smooth and supple weaves. Shorter fibres can poke out of the weave, leading to a coarser, weaker fabric. Our sheets are less likely to pill and only get softer with each wash.

2. Single Ply Yarn

We only use single-ply yarn because it produces the finest, strongest threads. When you hear of 500+ thread count sheets, they are usually made by a group of weaker fibres twisted together to create a false thread count. They use mostly lower-grade, shorter-staple cottons, which result in thicker, coarser and heavier threads.

3. True Thread Count

The ideal thread count range for soft bed sheets falls between 400-420 threads per square inch which is the natural limit of number of threads that can actually be woven per square inch. Bed linen with a higher count is made using multi-ply twisted yarns that create an artificially high thread count and are usually low-grade, shorter staple cottons.

4. Free of harmful chemicals

Some manufacturers use wrinkle free, non-iron or extra-soft labels which essentially means they are treated with chemicals to produce that effect, and these chemicals are harmful to humans. Our OEKO-TEX® certification tests for chemicals that may be harmful to you or the environment and all components of our product, without exception, comply with these standards.

5. Responsibly made

We want to make our sheets in a responsible way for our customers and for the planet. Our product is ethically handmade by artisans who comply with The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), a leading alliance of companies, trade unions and NGOs that promotes respect for worker's rights around the globe

6. Produced by European artisans

Our fabric is milled in the Guimarães region in northern Portugal. Our linen is made with love by real artisans in an area where textile production has thrived since the 18th century thanks to the skills that have been honed and passed on over the centuries.

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