About Produced by the best

Produced by the best European Artisans

Our fabric is milled in the Guimarães region in northern Portugal. Our linen is made with love by real artisans in an area where textile production has thrived since the 18th century. We believe our artisans produce the best textiles using skills that have been honed and passed on over the centuries.

A Real Thread Count

The ideal range for soft bed sheets falls between 400-420 threads per square inch. It is the natural limit of number of threads that can actually be woven per square inch. Bed linen with a higher count is made using multi-ply twisted yarns that create an artificially high thread count and are usually made using low grade, shorter staple cottons.

Responsibly Made

We want to make our sheets in a responsible way for our customer and for the planet. Our product is ethically handmade by artisans under stringent EU labour laws. We donate a portion of all our profits to charities working to stop child and women labour exploitation.When you buy a set of sheets from IYLA you can sleep soundly knowing your sheets have been ethically made from the finest long staple Egyptian cotton, woven by world-class European artisans using a process that requires no chemicals. Our sheets are made to last longer and get softer with every wash.