About us


At IYLA we had a dream. A dream of finding the world's best bed linen. The kind you find in the most luxurious hotels and boutique accommodation and long for when you get home.

We set out on a journey, meeting and talking with many of the world’s finest bed linen manufacturers from Portugal to Italy, France to Belgium, Germany to the USA. We listened to their stories – and believe us, there are a lot of stories in this industry – and learned about every element of their manufacturing processes. We touched, smelt and slept on hundreds of fabrics. Every material, every finish, every thread count and every style imaginable.

Why all this effort? Because we know how hard it is to choose the best sheets. Our objective was to cut through all those stories, to do the hard work for you, and hand-pick what we believe are the world's best luxury bed linens. 

By talking directly with the manufacturers, we were able to cut out all of the middle men and allow you to buy this product at a fraction of the cost you'd normally pay. More importantly, we were able to design our dream sheets that are all ethically sourced, free of harmful chemicals and only use 100% Egyptian cotton. We also ditched frilly patterns and trendy colours that you’ll get bored with too quickly because we want you to cherish your IYLA sheets and keep them for years.

Our Pricing Model


By circumventing the traditional supply chain and working directly with the factories that make the world’s best sheets, we’ve been able to cut out the traditional retailer mark-ups and sell direct to consumer online. We’re able to bring the highest quality bed sheets to market at a fraction of the price that they would cost in the high-end department stores. We don't believe in manipulative "sale" pricing, either. While many bedding retailers use a pricing strategy that marks up just to mark down so you feel like you're getting a great deal, we have set our prices so they are a fair every day of the year, no exceptions.